There were a LOT of pictures we didn't have room to include in the 2017 Fall issue of OLLI Expressions.

Here's your chance to view what you missed!

First of all, there was the Front Cover.


The picture's title is "Amaryllis Amazement." Janet Rodgers Bennett, the artist of the water color painting, said of the picture and her experience at OLLI, "This painting captures the beauty of amaryllis and my amazement that they thrive in my garden. I joined OLLI in 2012 after moving to Hattiesburg from Wallingford PA upon retirement. The art classes at OLLI, led by such talented teaching artists, have opened up a wonderful world for me in retirement. The Peck House and beautiful gardens provide a great environment for socializing and continued learning."

Page 2 has the Director's Post from Brett Harris and the President's Post from Betty Dettre. To see what they have to say, Click Here. You will also find Page 3 here. It has an article and pictures about Special Interest Groups (SIGs) by Carolyn Crosby, and Dallas Gorbett's article tells how someone who is not a "joiner" can become part of this great OLLI community.

Finally we're into the "meat" of the magazine with Pages 4 and 5. Visit for the pictures and stay for the articles..

Let the Sun Shine is about solar energy and the benefits of having solar panels on your home,
Make America Green Again presents information about climate change,
The Media: Is It Fake News? tells about Randy Swan's timely discussion about "Fake News."
A Wandering We Will Go is a visit to the OLLI garden and some of the new features there.
Elephants In the Sanctuary tells about the largest elephant sanctuary in the U.S.

OLLI activities at Gulf Park's Southern Miss Campus are on pages 6 and 7. Lots of Bonus pictures on these pages.

Heraldry For Fun reveals just what heraldry is.
It's a Great Pumkin. In this class the members creatively released their inner Linus on canvas.
What's Blue and Orange and Tastes Good With Corn on the Cob? Give up? Read the article and see great pictures.
Mulhammad and the Rise of Islam describes a timely seminar with information we all need.
Spin That Wheel was not about casinos on the coast. Find out what these OLLI members did.

Pages 8 and 9 take you on a tour of the state and much closer to home.

Gypsies, Jimmy, Dunn and Dentzel. Oh, my!
Making Movies in Mississippi gives insight to our artistic contributions to the nation.
Let Your Fingers Do the Talking introduced our members to the American Sign Language.
Walk With Ease explains that arthritis doesn't have to stop you from walking.
Mississippi Mounds is an article we just didn't have room for in the print magazine. It tells you about the indian mounds in Mississipi and where to find them.

Page 10 reveals your thoughts about the OLLI activities you attended and encourages you to say it in Latin. Page 11 introduces a NEW REGULAR FEATURE for displaying our members creativity.

Everyday Latin, arachibutyrophobia, what more do I need to say?
What You Said About . . . Did you get interviewed about a class, seminar or field trip? Some of your friends did. Here's what they said.
Follow That Fad is Lynn Morris' creative lifestory about following fashion fads.

And let's not forget the Back Cover. See a light-hearted view of what it means to be an OLLI member with an OLLI Owl Sez cartoon.
And see several pictures of events without articles.


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