Everyday Latin

By Carolyn Crosby

In this class, retired teacher and long-time OLLI member Nancy Ratliff shared her vast knowledge of the so-called "dead" language of Latin with an enthusiastic group of fellow word lovers. They found Latin isn't so dead after all!

Diane and Tay The etymology of words and phrases holds a great deal of interest for many people, and this class delved into that realm most agreeably. Many words in English and Romance languages such as Italian and Spanish have Latin roots. Our everyday use of Latin was evidenced by the lists of medical, legal, astronomical and mythological terms presented for analysis. Using the basic knowledge of Latin prefixes, suffixes, nouns and verbs, participants rooted through these lists to determine the meanings. The phobias seemed to be especially interesting and amusing. There were even assignments of creating Latin words and phrases never before seen.

The final class ended with singing Latin versions of some familiar songs such as "Jingle Bells" and "When the Saints Go Marching In," which proved much more difficult and comical than first imagined. Thank goodness it wasn't for a grade.

When this class is offered again, it is highly recommended. Then when someone asks you what arachibutyrophobia is, you can confidently tell them!


Nancy Gilder

Nancy Gilder, a returning member, said the Jewelry Adventures class was lots of fun and she learned new things. She loved the people and the class.

Kay West

Rice Paper Luminaries answered newly retired Kay West's question of what to do with her time since recently retiring. "The class was much fun and I enjoyed meeting new 'future' friends. I can't wait for the next class!"

Larry and Linda

Larry and Linda Basden, members since fall 2016, said Randy Swan's class, The Media: Is It Fake News?, gave good insight into local news.

Kim Jones

Kim Jones said, "My first experience in OLLI was an eye opener! Tarot as a Spiritual Tool was both exciting and informative. The group had so much fun, we decided to start up a SIG."

Claudell Rawls

Claudell Rawls, a member who has taken several classes led by Dr. Kendrick, said of his class Islam, "I really enjoy the class. It's very good, and I'll take more of his classes when they're available."

Joan Knight

Joan Knight very much enjoyed Write Your Life Philosophy. She was very impressed with the teacher who was thoughtful and well prepared. She added, "People who took the class seemed to have dodged the bullet of old age."

Emerald Mound

Have You Bought Your OLLI Book?

OLLI members and friends have published their second book! This paperback book, with OLLI artists' pictures on the cover, includes a collection of life stories, poetry and fiction. Not only will you enjoy reading it, but it will make great Christmas gifts. A limited number of our first publication are also available. Get your copies at the OLLI office.

OLLI Creations

OLLI Expressions is pleased to introduce a new regular feature in our magazine. The OLLI Creations page will give you the chance to enjoy stories, poems or pictures created by our members. So, consider this your first invite to send us (Communications Committee via the OLLI office) your stories of 400 or less words or poems of 20 lines or less. Photographs are welcome, and we can make arrangements to photograph your paintings and drawings. If we get too many submissions, we'll still be able to feature them on here our website.

For our first OLLI Creations presentations, here is a photograph by Tim Orsi and a short Life Story by Lynn Morris.


Photo by Tim Orsi

Follow the Fad

By Lynn Morris

Have you bought any of the "cold shoulder" blouses? That's the latest fad, and I admit I own three. The rationale for my shoulders showing is that I don't have any wrinkles there, and it offers a little air conditioning in the summer. The crop tops and dresses with cutouts in the midriff are strictly off limit.

We all choose which fads to follow and which to ignore. When I was little, I needed the life-size doll that had straps on her feet allowing us to dance together. However, when Betsy Wetsy came out, I could have cared less. I had real baby brothers and sisters that peed.

Teen years included tie-dye and bell bottoms. The bigger the bell, the better—except when bike riding. It only takes once with your bell hung up in the chain. Thankfully, I never got into faddish lingo. I never said "far out" or "groovy"—no way, man!

Skinny legs run in my family (get it?) so mini-skirts were a big part of my wardrobe. On the other hand, modesty ruled when streaking started.

Glamour shots became popular in the late 80s. Our family planned to vacation in St. Louis, staying in Arkansas with my brother, Toby, and his wife, Tina, on the way. When I called, Tina said, "Have you gotten any glamour shots made? There's a guy here that takes great pictures and he's really cheap. We could go see him while you're visiting!" Naturally, I agreed.

I packed a few outfits for the photo shoot in a separate bag. Tina and I announced we were going shopping, grabbed the bag and left. The "photographer" owned the local dump and that's where we headed. We passed mounds of waste to a metal building in the back. The smell hit me as we stepped out of the car.

We entered through a side door and were met by a stringy, nasty guy who looked like he would own a dump. He led us into his "studio." Lights were mounted everywhere and racks of clothing and shoes lined one wall. He had feather boas, black lace gloves, hats, high heels, a fake fur coat and a beach ball. I changed outfits every few minutes in a corner bathroom.

Tina helped set up the shots and the camera clicked away. Amazingly enough, the pictures turned out pretty good. All 75 of them!


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