There were articles and pictures we didn't have room to include in the 2018 Fall issue of OLLI Expressions.

Here's your chance to view what you missed!

First of all, there was the Front Cover.

Christmas Ornament

The front cover is OLLI member Roger Anastasio's creation, both the ornament and the photograph. He made the Christmas ornament at the Glass Blowing Field Trip (see the article on page four), and he is an active participant of the Photography Special Interest Group.

For pages two and three, Click Here. If you haven't already met Paula Mathis, our new director, page two is your chance to find out some of her history and what she hopes to accomplish at OLLI. On page three, our Board President, Robin Clark, shares some of his thoughts. Plus, there is a well deserved Thank You to our own "Dynamic Duo" Tay and Diane. Plus, plus, there's pictures from the 2018 Veterns Appreciation Dinner.

There is an example of the wide range of subjects available to OLLI members on pages four and five.

A Walk in the Woods describes some of our OLLI members visiting the Crosby Arboretum.
Blowing Glass Christmas Ornaments is about another field trip. This time OLLI went to the only "hot glass" studio in Mississippi, Mohawk Steel and Glass. The ornament shown on the cover was made during that visit.
Making a Mask in Clay shows what can come from a simple lump of clay.
Women Who Raced ARound the World introduced OLLI members to two young women who traveled around the world in the 1890s and beat Jules Verne's fictional 80 day record.

In pages six and seven, we "travel" to Gulf Park and learn about their OLLI activities.

Dave Reed, the Traveling Facilitator introduces, guess who, Dave Reed!
Forensic Anthropology. Bones, Bullets and Clues, Oh, my. OLLI members became detectives.
Working Men of All Countries, Unite! traced the root causes of the social revolution begun by Karl Marx.
Fish (Pinch Pot) Mobile is a bonus article that didn't make it into the print editon. It tells about OLLI members making wind chimes at the Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art.
Another bonus is pictures from Canvas Art by You.

Pages eight, nine and ten tell about more experiences members had in Hattiesburg.

Now, What Did I Come In Here For? Sound familiar? Read about memory studies OLLI members are taking part in.
Piano Fun was fun. Read about rediscovering the keyboard.
Discover What You Said About some of our classes, seminars and field trips.
And read a little bit about OLLI's trip to the Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson.
In Calligraphy several OLLI members embraced a new form of communication.
It's an Insect's World -- OLLI member bites insect -- read all about it.

Page eleven displays some of our member's creativity.

Betty Dettre's painting Mynell's Back Door inspired Carolyn Crosby to write a story of the same title.
See a picture of one of our member's entry in the Pine Belt Quilters Fiber Art and Quilt Show.
Read a short poem about experiencing heart surgery.

And let's not forget the Back Cover. Olli Owl is back with words of "wisdom." (?)


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