There were a LOT of pictures we didn't have room to include in the 2017 Spring issue of OLLI Expressions.

Here's your chance to view what you missed!

First of all, there was the Front Cover.


The picture's title is "Looking for Nectar." Marcia Stanley, the artist of the color pencil drawing, said the following about her experience at OLLI, "I came to OLLI through a good friend, Jane Hudson. She surprised my husband and me with a year's membership to OLLI. It has changed my life. I started taking a Beginner Art class taught by Brandi Downs and got hooked. I enjoy drawing and painting birds and flowers using colored pencils and watercolors. I find OLLI to be an exciting time of learning and fellowship."

Page 2 has the Director's Post from Brett Harris and the President's Post from Wilber Chambers. To see what they have to say, Click Here.

Page 3 has articles about Volunteerism by Nick Adams and Dallas Gorbett. (Watch for the "V.")

Finally we're into the "meat" of the magazine with Pages 4 and 5. Visit and see more pictures of classes and seminars.

A Short Visit Outside My Comfort Zone, An Invitation to Learn, Piney Woods Country Life School and What is Osteopathic Medicine.

OLLI activities at Gulf Park's Southern Miss Campus are on pages 6 and 7. Don't miss all the Bonus pictures at the end of the articles.

A Peek into the Supernatural and Paranormal, A Visit to the Mary C, Clash of Wings: Air Warfare in WWII, I Made a Mardi Gras Mask and Mardi Gras Museum.

Page 8 and part of 9 was YOUR turn to talk about classes, seminars and field trips. We heard what YOU were excited about in your experiences at OLLI. Read "What You Said About" . Also, let us introduce you to two of OLLI's facilitators; Susie Pham of Gulf Park and Lici Beveridge of Hattiesburg.

What You Said About . . . ; Meet Susie Pham and Meet Lici Beveridge.

The articles on pages 10 and 11 show the wide diversity of activities at OLLI. Come with us as we build a "salad table," speak "poem-ese" and study the Gospels from a different perspective. Also, meet OLLI's librarian. But, wait, there's more . . . See pictures we couldn't shoehorn into the printed magazine.

Building a Salad Table, Speaking Poem-ese, New Light on the Gospels and Marsha Hester, Librarian.

And let's not forget the Back Cover. See a light-hearted view of what it takes to be an OLLI member with an OLLI Owl Sez cartoon.


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