There were pictures we didn't have room to include in the 2018 Spring issue of OLLI Expressions.

Here's your chance to view what you missed!

First of all, there was the Front Cover.


The picture, Spring Flowers, is acrylic on paper by OLLI member Theresa Parker and is the product of an unusual technique. "I put some random strokes of paint on a piece of glass," said Theresa, "then pressed a sheet of drawing paper onto it. When I peeled the art paper away, I had an abstract image that seemed to resemble a bunch of flowers." So she developed it to create the strong image we see here.

For pages 2 and 3, Click Here. The Director's Note by Brett Harris and the President's Post by Betty Dettre are on page 2. On page 3 there is excellent advice by Carolyn Rotherby about remodeling your body--"healthier waistlines and smaller clothes beat new draperies any day." Also, Nanci Youngblood describes John Pendergrass' seminar about his experiences in Vietnam during the war and during a recent trip.

There is an example of the wide range of subjects available to OLLI members on pages 4 and 5.

An American in Paris "transports" you to New Orleans for a day of touring and watching the off Broadway production of the play by the same name.
Objective Journalism: Does it Exist? gave members valuable information of the reliability of our national media.
Mississippi's Mighty Trailblazer: Evelyn Gandy, you've seen the name, the seminar told us who she was.
Human Genetics "straightened out" the subject of DNA for OLLI members.
No article, but great pictures from the gazebo during Building and Using Herb Boxes.

OLLI Creations on pages 6 and 7 has Life Stories written by OLLI members.

An Elegant Breakfast at the White House by Helen Ciraldo tells you what John Kennedy ate for breakfast.
Turtle Love, a poem by Nick Adams, tells you about, well, turtle love.
You're Never Too Old is Nanci Youngblood's story of going to new heights.
In Gone Home, L.J. Hallberg remembers the Reverend Dr. Billy Graham.

Pages 8 and 9 describes opportunities available at the Gulf Park branch of OLLI.

OLLI Members Get Social at Spring Kickoff and they had a great time. Read about it.
Life in the Longleaf Pine took members for a walk through the Desoto National Forest.
Dinner at the White Pillars, Biloxi, MS describes what southerners love to do -- eating in beautiful settings.
Meet the Facilitator explains why John Caridad is such a blessing to OLLI.

Pages 10 and 11 have still more articles about what's available at OLLI.

History Reminds Us introduces us to 10th grader Allie Forsyth, who brought history to life for us.
Craft Your Own Hattiesburg Adventure led members on a whirlwind trip of our great 'burg.
Treasure Hunting For Old Books describes a book lover's experiences. What's better than real, hold-in-your-hand books?
Global Response to Human Trafficking, this seminar told about this hideous crime and its effect world-wide and in Mississippi.

And let's not forget the Back Cover. Read what fellow members had to say about their experiences at OLLI.


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